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Testimonials by Premier College Advisor Clients


“Scott Daigle has been instrumental in changing the college outlook for my twin sons.  I noticed a change in their motivation and focus within a week of first beginning with Scott (and that is no small accomplishment for a couple of teenage jocks).  They have begun to consider a far greater variety of options than ever before and they show a genuine interest in planning for their futures.  I met Scott when he was introduced at our school’s SAC meeting and kept in contact with him over the following semester.  My boys are All-American kids and I don’t want them limited by the lack of knowledge of the options available.  Scott directed us to attend the Palm Beach County College Night and we were able to meet with recruiters from some of the top institutions in the U.S.  This truly opened up our eyes as to all the potential opportunities that lie ahead of them.  Scott’s advising curriculum is meticulously laid out and each activity has a true purpose that forwards our goal of attaining a high quality education.  I have already recommended his advising services to most of my neighborhood and I even organized a college night presentation for my homeowners association.  I truly believe in Scott’s advising program and I feel parents would be remiss if they didn’t at least meet with him for an initial consultation – it’s well worth the money!”

Mrs. Victoria Prinzi – Parent
West Boca Raton High School
Boca Raton, Class of 2011

“Scott was instrumental in achieving our goal – our daughter will be a Gator!  We met Scott four years ago and we stayed in touch since then. He provided guidance at different times during her high school years. Initially, we were uncertain where or what she wanted to do. As time went by and we visited schools, UF became our top choice. As with most UF applicants, the odds were not on our side. However, we determined early on that consistency, our best effort and being well rounded in all aspects of her HS career were as important as grades and SAT scores. This resulted in several recognitions/awards and in an extraordinary volunteering/experience effort that we are sure played a key role in her application. We look forward to working with Scott in the future as we prepare our other kids for college.”

Mr. Xavier Teruel – Parent
Pembroke Pines Charter High School
Pembroke Pines, Class of 2009

“I would highly recommend any parent whose child is entering college to hire Scott Daigle. He embodies the three characteristic I look for when hiring a professional: knowledge and expertise of subject, integrity and passion for the field.  Scott has the ability to show child and parent alike what they don’t know so he can inspire and motivate them to look at the college search as more than just getting in. He showed us possibilities for career options by having our child answer questions regarding her values, interests and academic/non-academic goals. Scott taught us how to find scholarship money, what order to submit paperwork in and how to work with velocity and intention. He instructs each child on how to interview, give thank you follow ups and what societies to join to “find the truth” of the working world.  In other words, how to network in a positive light. Scott’s enthusiasm is contagious and exciting. I wish I had the opportunity of his services before I went to college!”
Mrs. Anne Wolkowitz – Parent
Cooper City High School
Cooper City, Class of 2009


“When Scott was asked a question, he was able to provide a reasoned, fact-based answer in a timely fashion. He was up-to-date with deadlines and knew the ‘ins and outs’ of the admissions process. If Scott himself was unable to provide the expertise needed, such as regarding college financing, he was able to refer us to someone who could. He helped us stay organized throughout the process and he was readily available by both e-mail and phone.”


Mrs. Deborah Aronstam – Parent
Donna Klein Jewish Academy
Boca Raton, Class of 2009
“I met Scott Daigle at a West Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce meeting and I couldn’t believe my good luck!  I told him about my motivated and driven daughter and how we needed some specialized assistance for her applications to medical schools.  Scott agreed to meet with us and review her entire academic profile.  Her father and I could see the obvious benefits to be derived from Scott’s consulting and we retained his services to oversee her application, essay and interview process.  He began by making a couple calls and getting her into the Medical Explorers Program (of note, she was the first ever Palm Beach student to join).  Now she was interacting with doctors and medical students on a regular basis and participating in activities that gave her unique experiences to bolster her chances of admission – including dissecting a human brain!   I was quite impressed with his use of technology to review her applications and essays; including reading one of her essays while he was on vacation in Hawaii.  My daughter was not allowed to submit subpar personal statements and he made her redo a couple of them that were not of appropriate quality for the types of colleges that they were being submitted to.  Scott spent considerable time conducting mock interviews with her, which greatly enhanced her presentation skills at the nine meetings that she had with alumni, recruiters and scholarship boards.  We will definitely be using Scott again to advise our younger son!”
Mrs. Anonymous – Parent
Spanish River High School
Boca Raton, Class of 2008

“My family had the pleasure of working with Scott Daigle as a college admissions advisor this past year.  Scott’s program is very comprehensive covering virtually every aspect of the admissions process.  His insight and experience actually made this a rather pleasant experience.  For any student attempting to gain acceptance into a competitive school, Scott’s strategies will enable that student to set themselves apart from most others – making the difference between acceptance and rejection.  Our son had the pleasure of being accepted to his first three choices in October which has enabled him to enjoy his senior year without the pressure of college admissions hanging over him.  We highly recommend the services of Scott Daigle.”

Mr. Andrew Smith – Parent
Stoneman Douglas High School
Parkland, Class of 2009
“We were looking for a college advisor to work with our son, who graduated as the Valedictorian of his high school. I must say that we were quite impressed with Scott’s specific training and background in the field of college counseling.  He and our son had a great rapport from the very beginning. We found that when there were issues that our son disagreed with us, he would be willing to listen to the perspective that Scott would bring to the situation. Many times in the process he would act as a mediator and a voice of reason. It is amazing how stressful the whole college application process can be!  Whenever we had a concern, we would bring it to Scott and he would give us clarification and tell us the pros and cons that we might not have considered.  Information was presented in a detailed and structured manner so that it was understandable and highly useful.  While working with him we found out about so many things that we could have (and should have) done differently. We FULLY recommend the college advising services of Scott Daigle to anyone who is looking for additional assistance with any part of the entire process. His knowledge and expertise in this area are simply outstanding. We found the whole experience to be highly educational.”

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Mancuso
Palm Beach Central High School
Wellington, Class of 2008
“I found Scott Daigle through a referral and ended up retaining his services. The amount of research and the quality of the work done by Scott was simply outstanding. He is dedicated, persistent, and persuasive. When it came to what we needed, he got the job done!”
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Mr. Luis D’Agostino – Parent
Private School in New Jersey
Aventura, Class of 2007

“Scott Daigle is a committed, dedicated and insightful guidance candidate. He is a reflective critical thinker and is compassionate and ethical. I recommend Scott for the position of Guidance Counselor with great enthusiasm and without reservation.”
Dr. Judith Bachay – Program Director
Department of Guidance and Counseling
St. Thomas University, Miami
“My daughter was accepted into the University of Miami, her first choice, and the University of Florida.   She is a good student, but there was always a doubt in my mind if her credentials were good enough to compete with other students applying to UM (which admits only 10% of all applicants).  I went to hear a college counselor, Scott Daigle, who was giving a free seminar at Boca High. After we listened to him, we knew that we had found what we were looking for.  I put all our cards on the table and asked him straight out how much of a chance my daughter had to be accepted to UM. He looked over all the information we had and replied, ‘It is not guaranteed, but there is a possibility.’ That was all I needed to hear and I can tell you that he was the best investment I have ever made. Four of my daughter’s friends also applied to UF and UM, but they did not hire a private consultant.  None of them were accepted to those schools.  I attribute our good fortune directly to the assistance that we received from Scott’s advising.  It was not only his knowledge that impressed me, but also his ability to get results. Scott Daigle will fire up your kid and move them to the next level, ready for a better college. If you are the type of parent who cares for your child’s future, and want to motivate them by placing them in the best university possible, Scott Daigle is the person you need to speak to. I am sure you will be glad that you did.”
Mr. Benny Potiaumpai – Parent
Boca Raton Community High School
Boca Raton, Class of 2009
“Our success story with Scott Daigle begins with our oldest son.  My wife and I were not very well-versed on what it takes now to apply to colleges and to make the most of the experience.   We thought we could do it on our own and our son was rejected from his top three choices in Florida. After reevaluating our position, we retained Scott’s services to get us back on the right track.  Our son was then admitted to three nationally known out-of-state universities and a couple other Florida schools.  He was able to qualify for a Bright Futures Scholarship with additional preparation and planning. Our son decided to stay in-state to take full advantage of this merit aid and he is a happy freshman at this time. We have two other sons in high school and we are working earlier with Scott to repeat this positive result. I am pleased to recommend our college advisor and share what he has done to help the Ramirez family. What Scott accomplishes with all of his families really endorses itself.  Thank you for your professionalism and friendship.”

Mr. & Mrs. Manny Ramirez – Parents
Felix Varela Sr. High School
Kendall, Class of 2008

“I felt totally lost and confused about what I needed to do when I was applying to colleges. The essays I wrote for my applications were absolutely terrible. I was in desperate need of help when I found Scott, who is a phenomenal college counselor. He edited my essays thoroughly and provided me with extensive advice on how to improve them. The insight that he provided was impressive and I always found his recommendations to be reasonable and justified. The explanations I was given made sense and enhanced the quality of my writing. Scott’s admission interview preparation made me feel confident for all my recruiter and alumni meetings. We practiced both undergraduate and medical school questions.  I directly attribute the consulting I received with making it possible for me to be accepted to medical school before I even graduated from high school.  I highly recommend Scott Daigle for your college advising needs.”
Anonymous – Class of 2008
Spanish River High School
University of Miami, Class of 2015
Combined B.S. & Medical School
“I have been working with Scott for about a year and all that he has taught me about colleges and choosing my major has astounded both me and my parents. He has shown me that colleges aren’t frightening or unreachable and that my college dream is attainable. After each lesson I am inspired to work harder towards my goal with the tools Scott gives me. Now that I am going to be a senior next year, while my peers still have no idea what to do, I am twenty steps ahead of them thanks to Scott.”

Wilson Mourad – Student
The Sagemont School
Weston, Class of 2010

“If anyone thinks they don’t need help applying to colleges or choosing colleges, they should think again and call Scott Daigle. The amount of information provided, the quality, the reliability and the accessibility of advice and resources he provides is invaluable to any college applicant. I had my first consultation with Mr. Daigle at the end of my junior year and I was just astounded at all the work I had to do to present myself to colleges the best way possible and how little time I had to do it in. As Mr. Daigle knows from years of experience, there is much more research and investigation that goes into the college search than one would think. However, he will teach you how to focus your search and greatly accelerate the process. Under his professional, yet casual and friendly guidance anyone can make themselves stand out above the other applicants. The price of his consultation should not turn away anyone, as Mr. Daigle’s information is invaluable and he is more than willing to work with anyone’s financial situation. Also, the long-term educational and career gains that are opened up with Mr. Daigle’s guidance outweigh his short-term costs. Not only will he offer his guidance, but he will also provide his network of tutors and other counselors. My time was well spent with Mr. Daigle and my only complaint is that I didn’t call him sooner in my high school career. To all the high school students: with his guidance you’ll be pwning like a haxxor so hard that the admissions officers won’t know what hit them.”
Joshua DeSantiago – Student
National Merit Scholar
Boca Raton Community High School
Boca Raton, Class of 2009
“I asked Scott to assist me specifically with my college essays, for which he proved to be very helpful. He understands what colleges are looking for and was thereby able to edit them with an acute and critical eye. His suggestions were logical and constructive and really directed me on the path toward writing a successful college essay. If you are looking for someone with the necessary experience in the college application process, then Scott is the advisor for you.”
Lauren Aronstam – Student
Donna Klein Jewish Academy
Boca Raton, Class of 2009

“I am very excited to have been admitted to UF. We were very lucky to have met Scott a few years ago. I appreciate his help and guidance over the years. I am very happy to be given this opportunity for which I worked so hard. I will keep in touch. Scott now needs to help my sisters :-).
Go Gators!”
Carolina Teruel – Student
Pembroke Pines Charter High School
University of Florida, Class of 2013
“Scott is a down to earth college advisor who simply knows everything – and that is not an understatement. Unfortunately, I met him at the beginning of my senior year, but he was still able to help me tremendously. He knows the science of applying to college like the back of his hand. Scott can help anyone even if they have a specific interest like becoming an artist or equestrian. The tools he uses are the most productive devices I have ever seen and are much more focused than an aptitude test given at school. However, the thing I liked most about Scott is that when he spoke to me about college and my dreams he inspired me. He made me truly believe that if I worked hard enough I would succeed, and I have all three college acceptance letters to back it up. He’s always there when you need him and he will answer any of your questions. I would definitely recommend Scott and I can guarantee that he will be like no other advisor you’ve ever met. But you’ll realize that for yourself after just your first visit.”
Cara Wolkowitz – Student
Cooper City High School
Cooper City, Class of 2009


“Scott’s private advising has made a real impact on my college aspirations. Before I had met him, I knew only the very basic principles on what I should do after I picked out where I wanted to go to school. But I did not know how I should apply and where to find scholarships. I was accepted to the summer program at UM and I raised my test scores dramatically by studying with the tutor who Scott recommended.  During our information filled sessions together, I learned so many inside tips and tricks that I could not possibly have picked up from a book or on a search engine. My essays were greatly improved and my applications presented me as the strongest candidate possible.  Now after a year of advising I am headed to my first choice university, which was made possible with Scott’s enormous help.  He showed me that hard work and determination really do pay off.”

Melanie Potiaumpai – Student
Boca Raton Community High School
University of Miami, Class of 2013